Rodent And Wildlife Control 

Trust The Company With The Most Rodent & Wildlife Control Experience

No one has more experience than us when it comes to removing or preventing mice, squirrels, and rats as well as nuisance and destructive wildlife from properties. When you contact Spencer for rodent control or wildlife removal in Greenville, Spartanburg and Upstate of South Carolina and northern Georgia, you can count on our team to remove existing infestations and to stop new rodent and wildlife pests from moving in. Plus, we offer a one-year warranty for our rodent control and wildlife control services!

service professional installing one-way door to trap squirrels

Get Rid Of Squirrels

Squirrels.  Most homeowners have had them and nobody wants them!  If the squirrel populations gets out of control, you'll find damage to the structure and most likely hear them running around your attic and possibly inside your walls. 

At Spencer, our team of wildlife control experts have the tools and know-how to stop squirrel activity in both homes and businesses. 

You don't have to put up with these pests, their constant gnawing or the destructive nature, contact us for effective squirrel control in Greenville and our entire service area.

greenville rodent control specialist checking rodent station

Get Rid Of Mice & Rats

They don't call us the Rat Man for nothing.  Here at Spencer Pest Services, we have developed a special expertise in getting rid of mice and rats.

Other pest control companies even consult with us to get rid of mice and rats for their customers, too.


How We Control Rodents & Wildlife

When you call us to remove rodents or wildlife from your property we'll not only eliminate the existing infestation, but also protect your structure from unwanted rodents and wildlife in the future.  Here's how we do it:

Step One: Inspection

The Rat Man team will come out and thoroughly inspect your structure inside and out. We'll identify current activity, access points, and resting and nesting areas. We'll continue these thorough inspections on a tri-annual basis, to ensure our elimination methods are continuing to prevent re-infestation.


Step Two: Exclusion

All entry points to your structure will be sealed to prevent critters from entering.  Common entry points include gaps where utility lines and pipes enter the structure, air condition vents, exhaust fans, gables to attics, and door sweeps.


Step Three: Trapping & Removal

It's time to give your current rodent and wildlife problem(s) an eviction notice!  We will strategically place a variety of live cage traps, glue boards, and snap traps around your structure where rodent activity was found during the inspection. 


Step Four: Sanitize

Rodents and wildlife leave trails of pheromones behind that can attract new activity to the structure.  Also, rodents and wildlife can carry a variety of diseases as well as introduce fleas, ticks and mites.  To eliminate pheromones and neutralize the feces and urine that these pests leave behind, Spencer Pest Services uses a sanitizing spray on critical areas after the rodent or wildlife activity has subsided. 


Step Five: Exterior Rodent Bait Stations

Exterior baiting minimizes rodent populations along the exterior of the structure and reduces the chances of rodent infestations inside.  Spencer's rodent bait stations are strategically placed around the structure to catch rodents trying to infiltrate the space.  We monitor them monthly for activity. 


One Year Warranty For Rodent And Wildlife Control

We'll take care of your property and all rodent and wildlife control issues for as long as your warranty is in place. 

You have the option of renewing during the warranty annually.  If rodents or wildlife return during your warranty period, we will handle the problem.