Property Management & Multi-Unit Housing

Pest Control Services For Property Managers

We are committed to making your life as easy as possible when it comes to pest services for the commercial and residential properties you manage.  

Customized Pest Control Solutions For Managed Properties

No two buildings are ever the same and that is why we will customize a program for you that takes care of your pest problems and fits within your budget.  In addition to treating ants, spiders, roaches, bed bugs, fleas, and other common pests, we also provide termite control with the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, rodent control and wildlife removal -including snake trapping, mosquito control, and fire ant control services. 

  • We handle the protection for your properties with integrity.
  • We give you easy options for billing. 
  • If you ever need a report on the condition of your managed property, we share with you any concerns or data collected by your Service Professional at each service performed. 
  • Offer individual savings for homeowner associations that purchases services as a group.

Every Property Manager Knows When A Tenant Complains About A Pest, It’s Already Too Late

That’s why our multi-unit housing program is designed for ongoing pest management to prevent pest problems.  At Spencer Pest Services, we set fixed appointment times that are guaranteed for each property service so you’ll always know when we are coming!

We prepare a comprehensive plan for each property that uses the latest industry tools and environmentally responsible techniques.  Frequency of service and methodologies are customized to the conditions and needs of each individual property.  They may change from time to time but that’s because pests are mobile.  Our goal always is to stay ahead of them to ensure the best results that respect both your tenants’ well-being and and your budget.

If You Are Shopping For The Lowest Price, We Are NOT The Company For You

However, if you are tired of handling ongoing pest issues that aren’t getting resolved by your current provider, Spencer is the right pest control company. 

  • We get results.
  • We will reduce your problems, allowing units to be turned faster.
  • We will save you money.
  • We will help prevent those bad reviews from residents because problems aren’t going away.

The close proximity of multi-unit housing means bed bugs, roaches and other pests easily move from one apartment to the next- spreading much like a fire throughout the entire building! Spencer Pest Services offers prevention and elimination services for multi-unit housing including:

  • A logbook is prepared for each complex documenting pest activity and treatments.  These records are kept onsite and are reviewed regularly to decide which procedures should be taken to prevent future problems.  The logbooks also contain product labels, SDS sheets and preparation notices.
  • Exterior perimeter treatments are performed on each building on a regularly scheduled basis, reducing the amount of calls on the call-back log.
  • A guaranteed set day and time is established for each service.
  • Follow-up treatments and inspections are made to ensure any pest problems have been corrected.
  • A notice is left in each unit when problems are handled stating what was done, what cooperation we need from the tenant , and what to expect with results.
  • A special landing page is created for your community providing residents with pest prevention tips and preparation sheets for special services.
  • Inspection reports are provided with each service.  It will note why pests may be attracted to the structure and offer improvements to help prevent future infestations.
  • Routine chemical applications will not be made.  Products will be applied only when necessary, and done so in a responsible manner. 
  • All our services are pet friendly.

Pest control services require the cooperation of both the landlord and tenants. This link will help you prepare your property for a pest control treatment.