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What do house spiders look like?

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American house spiders are commonly yellowish-brown and have an off-white abdomen; they also have dark chevron markings on their bodies that helps to give them their distinctive look.  Adults range in length from 3/16th to 5/16th of an inch with the females being slightly bigger than the males. 

Do house spiders bite?

House spiders are capable of biting, however they usually only do so if they are being directly handled or are being stepped on or squished.  House spiders are not an aggressive spider species.

Are common house spiders venomous?

House spiders are not considered to be venomous like the brown recluse or black widow.   They do have venom in their fangs but it is not strong enough to cause an issue for most people.  Some individuals may experience an allergic reaction that requires medical attention.  For the most part, house spiders are not a threat to health or property.

Why do I have a house spider problem?

House spiders, as their name suggests, have a tendency to wander into dwellings from outside.  This most often happens when they’re searching for prey.  Gaps around windows, cracks and crevices on the exterior of the house and holes in screens make entry easy for house spiders and the insects they looking for.

Whereas their search for food often lands them inside by accident, house spiders will move indoors intentionally when cooler weather arrives. 

Once they’re in, house spiders often create and abandon webs in corners of rooms, closets, basements and attics and underneath furniture.  

How do you get rid of house spiders?

Prevent them from coming inside in the first place.  At Spencer Pest Services, our belief is that it’s much easier to prevent than to control.  We’ll work with you to create a pest control program that discourages house spiders and the insects they eat.  If you’re already infested with house spiders, we can help with treatment that is safe for people and pests.  Contact us today to learn more about our home pest control services in Greenville and throughout Upstate of South Carolina and northern Georgia.


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