Fire Ant Control

Get Rid Of Fire Ants & Take Back Your Yard!

If you live in the south, you’re living in the fire ant zone.  It’s hard to enjoy your yard when it’s filled with unsightly ant mounds and the risk of bites.  Spencer Pest Services will scour your property to identify fire ant mounds and eliminate existing populations of fire ants

Tri-Annual Fire Ant Control

When you contact us for fire ant control, we’ll apply treatment around your property to prevent fire ants from entering and establishing new mounds.

Our fire ant elimination method of choice is Advion fire ant bait.  Our Service Professionals will apply it preventatively three times a year to your entire property, including turf areas and ornamental beds, so you and others can enjoy your outdoor space.  We guarantee your yard will be free from fire ants in between service visits.

If you’re tired of dealing with fire ants in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson or elsewhere in Upstate of South Carolina and northern Georgia, contact Spencer Pest Services for a free inspection and service recommendation. Our locally owned team knows how to get rid of red fire ants outside.

If you also need relief from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, box elder bugs, stink bugs, and kudzu bugs – take a look at our home pest control programs that include year-round protection against common household pests plus outdoor pests that invade yards in our region.