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mosquito up close

February 8, 2019

Early Preparation for Spring Mosquito Swarming in South Carolina

With spring on its way, South Carolina will soon be dealing with its official state bird: the mosquito. The climate here, with hot summers and lots of humidity, contributes to large mosquito populations each year. Early preparation for spring mosquito swarming in South Carolina is of the utmost importance.

sold house sign

January 29, 2019

Why Get a CL-100 Through Spencer Pest Control If You’re Selling Your House

If you’ve been through the process of selling a house in South Carolina, you know that a CL-100 inspection is required for lenders in this state before they can close on a house. What this inspection does is report any findings of wood-destroying pests and fungi. Since pests such as termites are so prevalent in our area, buyers and lenders need to make sure infestations are eliminated and…

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