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wasp up close

June 19, 2018

Which Stinging Insects Pose Threats

There are many species of stinging insects that can be found in the South Carolina region, some more dangerous than others. When dealing with these stinging pests, there are many important things to know, including the threats and dangers they pose to people, how to identify them, and how to get rid of them.

tick crawling on skin

June 13, 2018

Guide to Avoiding Summertime Pests in Greenville

In our previous blog, we shared that this summer is predicted to be a bit rainier than normal in Greenville. We’ve already discussed how this can affect the mosquito population, but unfortunately, mosquitoes are not the only pest affected by above-normal rainfall. 

mosquito up close

June 7, 2018

How Weather Impacts Mosquitoes in Greenville, SC

When you are planning for baseball games, backyard cookouts, and pool parties, you likely consult your local Greenville area weather channel to see what the forecast will be. After all, no one likes to plan summer activities in the rain. But, have you ever checked the forecast to see what the likelihood of mosquitoes would be?

bed bug found in sc home

May 31, 2018

Five Things You Probably Did Not Know About Bed Bugs

It is a very well known fact that bed bugs are attracted to beds, so that must be where they sleep right? Well, bed bugs aren’t that simple. They only love beds because people sleep in beds and human blood is required for bed bugs to survive and reproduce. The following are five things that you probably didn’t know about bed bugs.

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